Workforce Investment Program for the Long Term Care Industry

Improving Care for the Long Term

The Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA) has been designated as the only statewide Workforce Investment Organization (WIO) by the New York State Department of Health to train, retrain, recruit and retain healthcare workers in the long-term care sector through funds made available by the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT). The IHA WIO program offering is specifically designed for employees in the long term care and home care settings. IHA WIO, through its partnership with HealthStream, offers a library of quality training courses developed by subject matter experts, and a leading-edge data and analytics platform to track and measure results. It’s everything needed in one place to register learners, assess baseline skills and progress, assign online courseware, and track and record all training activities and completions.

Best of all, there is no cost for participating providers and their employees.

Simply sign up and submit a roster of students based on training goals and needs. The IHA WIO offering provides three training tracks to consider:

  • Value Based Payment (VBP) Track – Assessments and training courses specifically selected to improve employee skills in MLTC VBP measures.
  • Select Track – Specific bundles of courses geared towards hot topic areas such as cultural competency & health literacy, customer service, behavioral health.
  • Enhanced Learning – Over 2,200 courses to choose from a variety of curriculum categories.

Program Advantages:

  • No Stress, No Guess Program Participation
  • Mobile-Ready, User-Friendly Learning for Everyone
  • Technology Resources
  • Improvement You Can Track and Validate
  • Reliable Reporting and Analytics
  • Support Services to Help You Succeed

Training, Recruitment & Retention for Long Term Care

IHA WIO is answering healthcare’s call for help by training and recruiting dedicated employees for long term care careers throughout New York state. The goal: to develop a robust workforce with a deep desire to care for New York’s aging population both at home and in long term care facilities. The team at IHA WIO has been busy over the last several years improving care for the long term. Through the support and dedication of our valued partners, our efforts have led to:
  • 17,950 Long term care workers trained
  • 4,493 Google Chromebooks distributed to facilitate online training
  • 200+ Long term care provider partners
  • 911,852 Clicks to
These highlights and more are summarized in our latest accomplishments report and video.

Caring Gene®: Caring Is Your Calling

Do you have it? That instinctive desire to want to help others? If so, you may have the Caring Gene® – which means you could be pre-qualified for a career in the CARE industry.

This innovative, multi-media recruitment campaign, brought to you by the IHA WIO, aims to increase the applicant pool for long term care career and training opportunities across New York state.

Whether you’re a provider or someone looking for a rewarding career, visit us at to learn more.


The Iroquois Mission

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