Workforce Investment Program for Long-Term Health Care Workers


The best available program
for quality training
in Long-Term Care,

improvement validation,
and emphasis on VBP.

The IHA WIO initial program offering is specifically designed for employees in the long term care and home care settings. The IHA WIO, through its partnership with HealthStream, offers a library of quality training courses developed by subject matter experts, and a leading-edge data and analytics platform to track and measure results. It’s everything needed in one place to register learners, assess baseline skills and progress, assign online courseware, and track and record all training activities and completions.

Best of all, there is no cost for participating providers and their employees. Simply sign up and submit a roster of students based on training goals and needs. A monthly report with the status of all trainees, courses completed, and courses assigned will be available.
The IHA WIO initial offering provides three training tracks to consider:

  • Value Based Payment (VBP) Track – Assessments and training courses specifically selected to improve employee skills in MLTC VBP measures.
  • Select Track – Specific bundles of courses geared towards hot topic areas such as cultural competency & health literacy, customer service, behavioral health.
  • Enhanced Learning – Over 2,200 courses to choose from a variety of curriculum categories.


No Stress, No Guess Program Participation
Launching your organization-wide Workforce Investment Program is easy with IHA WIO. IHA WIO manages program set up, administration and all reporting.

Mobile-Ready, User-Friendly Learning for Everyone
Your workers can access their assessments and courses from anywhere at any time from most devices with internet access, giving them the freedom to learn, improve, and gain confidence whenever the opportunity is right. The program provides easy navigation and a user-friendly experience making learning accessible and engaging for users everywhere, while automated alerts and reminders keep them on track.

Improvement You Can Track and Validate
Pre- and post-assessments track and validate individual improvements in confidence and knowledge so you can document success and make certain that all individuals meet expectations for competent performance.

Reliable Reporting and Analytics
Automated program management and tracking captures individual learning activities for timely and accurate reporting, delivered to you each month.

Support Services to Help You Succeed
Program participants receive support to ensure success in accessing this valuable offer

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