IHA WIO Acute Care Letter of Participation


Participation commitments needed for successful operation of the training program


1. Complete and submit the Letter of Participation below. Participation with IHA WIO is available on a first-come, first served basis. By completing the submission form, your are reserving your place in the IHA WIO program and identifying the number of employees to initially be trained through the program.

2. Complete a No Cost Licensing Agreement with HealthStream. Upon receipt of an executed Letter of Participation, HealthStream will issue a No Cost Licensing Agreement for the number of employees identified in the Letter of Participation. The No Cost Licensing Agreement needs to be completed, signed and returned to HealthStream.

3. IHA WIO shall provide Google Chromebooks to facilitate online training activities. One Chromebook shall be provided for up to every ten employees identified in the Letter of Participation.

4. Acceptance into the IHA WIO training program will be communicated by IHA WIO after a review of the completed Letter of Participation and completion of the No Cost Licensing Agreement.

5. Complete a Student Roster Import Template (Excel spreadsheet) and return to IHA WIO. Instructions are included in the Template. Additional Student Rosters may be submitted to IHA WIO after the initial submission, subject to funding availability. Courses will be made accessible once the Student Roster Import Template has been completed and submitted to IHA WIO.

6. The hospital shall initiate and communicate IHA WIO training with their employees, along with resources provided by IHA WIO, and within agreed upon time frames.

7. Hospital employees signed up for the program will be expected to log on and complete courses in a timely manor. Failure to have employees engage in the training may result in a forfeiture of licenses.

8. Organizations participating in the program will from time to time be asked to complete surveys regarding the impact of the program on the organization.


IHA WIO Letter of Participation

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